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Google recently released a new free ebook for developers called ” The going global playbook” . You can download it for free here.

The book essentially goes over the steps that can expand the reach of your app. It has five sections listed below.

  1. Plan your approach to going global
  2. Prepare your app for new markets
  3. Take your app to market
  4. Data and insights for key countries
  5. Useful resources

The book talks about localization, translation,  researching the global markets, Google cloud platform ,  Developer Console Translation service and lots of other stuff that might help you expand the reach of your app if you already have an app.

Things I learned

  • The app developer console has a translation service for your app
  • Data and insight section that goes over various facts and figures for major markets

Overall, it’s a good read whether you already have an app in the market or you plan to make one soon. There are nice tidbits of information here and there and checklists after every section to remind you of important stuff. Definitely a must read for any developer.

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